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Mostek Electronics - BE Project training in electronics
Computer Software Consultants & Electronic Circuit Designers 
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Projects :

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Mostek continues it's efforts in designing digital IC circuits for hobbyists after publishing a few in EFY magazine in India during 1983 which are available in EFY-PROJECT- Vol-IV. Specialising in TTL 74x series, 555 and cmos IC's, we are currently in the process of designing optoelectronic remote control devices. 

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Our latest project on INFRARED COMMUNICATIONS between PCs has been published in EFY NOV 2000 issue and our IR PROXIMITY DETECTOR published in the same month has been selected as "CIRCUIT OF THE MONTH" see

Our designs are in the field of:- Timers : Inverters : Power amplifiers : Audio Systems : Solenoids : Optoelectronics :Test Instruments : Tele-communication : Remote control :Transducer application : Automotive Electronics :Robotics etc.

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With the facilities available, we are also offering project guidance for BE/ME Electronics students in areas like ECE EIE EEE ICE BTECH-IT

A few of our designs are listed below:- 

  • Stepper Motor controlled by VB 5.0 through serial port 

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  • DTMF based touch tone banking system 

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  • Wireless PC to PC communication using INFRA RED / LASER 

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  • VCO ADC convertion in "C" 

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  • Voice communication using INFRA RED technology 

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  • Remote control of electrical devices using radio waves (FM) and DTMF technology 

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  • SMART / CHIP CARD programming
  • Controlling External electrical devices using a Pc's parallel port
  • INFRARED Mouse 
  • Called ID (phone) interfaced to a computer through RS 232
  • Converting a Dotmatrix Printer to a sketching device
  • VB 5.0 controlled card swiping attendance system using 555 ICs 
  • Using PC- RS232 to control external devices
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