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Y2K - An interesting article on Y2K found on the NET.... 

Tech Focus Journal from the INTERNET June 8, 1998 
The Year 2000: are you a time traveler?
by Robert E. Hilliard 

When was the last time you thought about Y2K? As the millennium approaches, the question, "Does Y2K effect me, and if it does, what can I do about it?," is asked more and more. The answer is simple. If you use a computer, you are effected. Every aspect of our lives is touched, in some way, by computers. From the weekend PC user all the way up to the big iron programmer, the Year 2000 date crisis is real and sits dormant, waiting to come alive at the first hint of a millennium change. For some, that change has already hit home more quickly than expected. 

Information Services Department of the Royal Greenwich Observatory

THE YEAR AD 2000. The year AD 2000 will be a notable one. Many people are asking the questions, `Will 2000 be a leap-year?' and `Will it be the start of the new millennium?' 

The future belongs to those who live intensely in the present 
-- Anonymous
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