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Mostek Electronics - BE Project training in electronics
Computer Software Consultants & Electronic Circuit Designers 
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Mostek is currently equipped with a LAN system , multi-media systems for R&D and state-of-the-art tele-communication facilities. Mostek uses the latest development tools under a multi-user environment. 

With hundreds of bug-free sub-routines and functions devleoped in-house during the last decade, Mostek can develop any customised software package at lightning speed.


Currently Mostek specialises in developing Software in assembly language / xBASE / Clipper 5.x for DOS/LAN environments and Visual Basic with xBASE/Access backends in Windows 95/98. For the last four years Mostek has got into JAVA /JSP / E-COM Programming in ASP/MS Access/SQL 7.0 and has created a few portals. 

A few of our assembly language programs, developed in the early 80's have been scrutinised and accepted internationally by and Oakland University USA. Look for at for a sample or click here to download it. 
A recent tie-up with many of our clients, has increased our capacity to over a hundred PCs on various platforms. 


Mostek's achievements include creating the world's best programs and the world's best programmers. Our programmers' skills match international standards. Ex-Mostek programmers are scattered across the globe working as DBA's , NCE's , developing ERP solutions, contemplating on COM programming or BETA testing Microsoft's latest products. 

Data Quest - a leading computer magazine in India lists us among the TOP 1000 IT companies in India. 

Live Projects

In our recent scheme on "LIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE", we have MCA's, BE-Computer Science & Electronics, SAP Consultants, MBA-Systems and experienced BE's undergoing high level training/guidance with exposure to real-world programming.

The aim of life is self-development, to realize one's nature perfectly 
-- Oscar Wilde
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